Strategic Consulting

We know how the sausage is made. We leverage our real world experience to give clients a clear-eyed understanding of legal risks and strategies before they go to court.

Thinking it Through

Risk and reward are the yin and yang of business. Success requires striking the right balance. While risk can never be completely eliminated, it can be identified and managed. That’s where we come in. As litigation attorneys, we’re constantly deconstructing risk. Real world problems are delivered to our doorstep every day, and we solve them. By and through the legal process, we see the mistakes that get made and the lessons that are learned. Typically, the hard way. The information gleaned from our practice (while not always pretty) is real, and it merits real attention. While clients may not always like what we have to say, they always appreciate our telling it like it is: Direct, unvarnished, and honest.

Trusted Advisors

Let’s talk. Openly and honestly. About goals. About fears. About issues and options. Costs, too.

Legal audits

A legal audit of a project before deployment may be the best investment clients can make. It may save years of frustration in the courtroom or millions of dollars in legal expense.

Course Corrections

Business is a dynamic process. Even if you’ve already “pulled the trigger” on a decision, we help clients deal with unexpected consequences encountered during execution.

Second Opinions

We’re happy to take a second look. If your prior attorneys got it right, we’ll say so. If not, we’ll tell you what got missed and suggest ways to fix it.



We’re Smart People. (Clever, too!)

From years of battle, we’ve earned our stripes and so much more: We’ve gained valuable insights into effective legal strategies and we’ve learned to craft real world solutions. As the record reflects, the matters we handle are often complex, and they demand creative responses informed by professional judgments honed by years of daily practice. Often decades. The upshot of all this is true experience. Experience that cannot be divined from books or imparted through stories. Our experiences shape who we are, and they inform how we approach problems.

Our attorneys have years of front-line experience from work at the country’s largest law firms.

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