Commercial Litigation

Successful litigation requires more than experienced fighters. We’re problem solvers, focused on finding ways to mitigate the expense and disruption of litigation.

Our Business is Your Business

We’re not just specialists in insurance contracts; we’re also experts in interpreting, enforcing, and defending all manner of business transactions – real estate agreements, stock purchase contracts, limited liability agreements, and everything in between. We also protect our clients’ business interests when competitors interfere, when others compete unfairly, when wrongdoers misappropriate trade secrets, or breach fiduciary duties. Having both street smart and business savvy, we understand that legal strategies have real consequences in the business world. Knowing this, we craft and adapt legal tactics with an eye toward enhancing business objectives and minimizing unwelcome distractions.

From Filing to Verdict

We understand how all the pieces fit together to both prosecute and defend complex legal actions.

Strategic Counseling

Before clients file suit, or after they receive a summons, we help them understand issues and options for effective decision making throughout every phase of their case.

Investigation and Fact-finding

Evidence is the lifeblood of litigation; it can be both a sword and a shield. We help clients find the people and facts that shape claims and defenses.

Pretrial Discovery

We know what to ask adversaries and, just as important, how to keep them within proper bounds when seeking discovery from clients. Years of deposition practices has also taught us what to ask for, how to ask, and from whom.

Written and Oral Advocacy

Persuasion is an art. We’re skilled researchers, writers, and advocates who know how to present evidence and arguments through powerful images and compelling stories.



Our Litigation Philosophy

No two clients are alike. No two cases are alike. We get it. We also respect clients’ individual decisions regarding whether, when, and how hard to fight any particular battle. Fundamental to our approach is a basic question we constantly ask clients – How Do You Define a Winning Result? Answers are as varied as clients themselves. We don’t pretend to know what’s best for you. We know the law. We know the rules of procedure. We know how to strategize, and how to develop and execute a plan to maximize results. In the end, what’s “best” for clients is the path they determine to pursue. Our job is to get clients what they want.

Our attorneys have years of front-line experience from work at the country’s largest law firms.

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