Civil Trials and Appeals

We take cases to trial, and follow them all the way through appeal. Unlike many practitioners, we’re not afraid of the courtroom, judges, or juries. Actually, we like them.

Trials and Tribulations

Some lawsuits just can’t be settled. When that’s so, clients need lawyers who can effectively explain and advocate their rights to judges and juries. We are those lawyers. We’ve won trials in state courts and federal courts throughout California and elsewhere. International arbitrations, too. Over the years, we’ve guided our clients to multi-million dollar verdicts, and helped them avoid devastating losses. But there’s more. We have the technical skills to preserve verdicts after trial, and we also have one skill that far outweighs all others: The ability to persuade. Our success before appellate courts – state and federal – demonstrates that we don’t shy away from hard issues. In fact, we recognize appellate courts as allies (not obstacles) in obtaining the results our clients seek.

The Art of Persuasion

We pick and present the “right” issues in winning ways.

Oral Advocacy

At trial, we stand and deliver. We know what to say and how to say it for maximum effect, whether the ultimate decision is made by 12 jurors or a single judge.

Post-Trial Motions

Well-crafted pleadings at the end of trial can protect a verdict or set the stage for a successful appeal. We understand this endgame is an important part of the appellate process.

Review of trial records

Is an appeal worthwhile? By reviewing the underlying record with an unbiased eye, we help clients understand critical issues on appeal, as well as their odds of success.

Appellate Briefs

We’re obsessive researchers and writers. We’re meticulous in our craftsmanship, and we’re dedicated to presenting issues and arguments in ways that confirm both the correctness and logic of clients’ positions.



Advocacy in Action

“May it please the Court.” Every oral argument begins with these five words. Advocates utter them to signify respect for the legal process, and to signal their readiness to engage. We feel the same way about appeals. We believe in zealously protecting and enforcing our clients’ rights. This passion shines through in our advocacy. Unlike many, we don’t avoid complex cases, and we don’t flinch at the idea of making new law. We thrive on it.

Our attorneys have years of front-line experience from work at the country’s largest law firms.

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