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We draw upon decades of experience as advocates, advisors, and opponents to devise practical, insightful, and efficient strategies for clients’ individual needs.

Making the Case for Abelson Herron Halpern.


Our litigation philosophy is not “one-size-fits-all.” We understand there is no ready-made template for resolving your case. There’s just your case. And it merits individualized attention so that the right resources are brought to bear on the right problems at the right time. That means calibrating actual solutions to real problems. When overwhelming force is needed, we’ll use our skills and talents as seasoned litigators to apply relentless pressure. By contrast, “Do Nothing” is sometimes a thoughtful and effective legal strategy. Most lawyers are afraid to discuss this latter option. We’re not most lawyers. We understand the need for nuance, the power of a personal meeting, and the wonders that can result from picking-up the phone versus hiding behind brazen emails. Consequently, we don’t confuse the urge to Do Something with doing The Right Thing. It also means we don’t waste clients’ time or money pursuing ineffective legal strategies.


We tailor solutions to fit actual legal problems. Not theoretical bogeymen. So, before we rush to court or dash off a demand letter, we make sure clients and attorneys both understand the full extent of the problem at hand, the goals to be achieved, and the time and budget allocated for resolution. Together, we’ll set expectations, and then we’ll either meet or exceed them. We won’t sugar-coat, and we won’t mislead. We’ll just tell it like it is. Good, bad, or indifferent. Here’s why: We don’t succeed by “over lawyering” cases. We succeed by delivering meaningful results, and by clients recommending us to their closest friends and associates. In sum, we want to be known for being realistic, prepared, and really (really!) good.



Our hourly rates reflect the acumen and experience of accomplished attorneys who have practiced at world-class law firms. Accordingly, you pay for our time, and little else. We do not have administrative charges, nor do we add premiums to our third-party costs. Clients pay vendors what we pay vendors. In this regard, we strive to make billing as transparent and simple as possible, and we’re always here to answer any billing-related questions. We stand behind our work. No excuses.


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We’ve been privileged to serve a variety of businesses, groups, and individuals in matters located throughout the United States and internationally.

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