Exploiting Insurance Coverage for Complex Problems

We represent only policyholders (never insurers), and our extensive experience as day-to-day business litigators gives us unique insight into the means and methods for maximizing benefits for both first party and third party coverage disputes.

Insurance Recovery

Insurers fear and respect us. They’re right to do so: We’ve recovered hundreds of millions for our clients.

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Commercial Litigation

There are only two types of lawsuits: Terrible and Awful. Our experience successfully litigating hard cases helps clients navigate the legal system’s complexities.
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Strategic Consulting

Decades at the intersection of law and business make us ideal partners to assist clients, assess risks and to explore legal options.

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Civil Trials and Appeals

Knowing we take the case “all the way” from trial through appeal means that clients don’t have to settle for less than they deserve.

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Businesses, Individuals, Attorneys and Brokers

While our ultimate clients are insured businesses and individuals, we’re also advocates and advisers to attorneys and brokers who – because of conflicts and ongoing business relationships – can’t directly engage insurers for their clients’ most pressing coverage problems.

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Experience that Matters when it Really Matters

We don’t believe in on-the-job training. Right out of the box, our attorneys come ready for action. They’re graduates of top-tier law schools, and have years of front-line experience from the country’s most prestigious law firms. They’re talented and scrappy practitioners who strive to maximize results.

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